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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Download YouTube Videos on Android: Despite the fact that YouTube was created to be streamed, you shouldn’t restrict your use of the service to times when you have an active internet connection. When there is no service or you want to store your favorite videos on your phone and preserve them, downloading YouTube videos is ideal. Although purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription is the simplest way to download videos from the site, this option is not actually required.

Some people might believe that it is impossible to download YouTube videos for free on Android due to the company’s prohibition of tools on the Play Store that allow downloading without a Premium subscription. It turns out that in order to install an app directly from an APK file, you’ll have to get over the limitations of the Play Store. There are numerous programs available that will work, but TubeMate is the one that most users consider is the best.

How to download YouTube videos on Android with YouTube Premium

To download a YouTube video using YouTube Premium, simply access the video you want to download and look for the download icon that is highlighted on the watch page. When you click the download option, the video is immediately downloaded to your device so you can access it and watch it whenever you like.

Of course, doing so entails paying YouTube’s $13.99 monthly subscription fee, which is quite expensive given that there are other places where you may download videos for no cost.

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How to download YouTube videos with Tubemate

It is technically against the YouTube Terms of Service to use TubeMate or any other app. If you want to go by YouTube’s terms of service, downloading videos via Tubemate or any other third-party tool is something you should only do at your own risk.

It is quite safe to do so because YouTube doesn’t regularly enforce these guidelines. Anything that you download with a copyright should not be uploaded to your Android device. This kind of conduct is frequently found on YouTube. Therefore, if you intend to download videos for free, just store them on your mobile device. Install Tubemate after downloading it. On your Android device, you might need to enable sideloading in order to install it.

Download YouTube Videos on Android

Open TubeMate after installation, then look for the YouTube video you wish to download. A green download button must appear. Select the format and quality of the download by tapping this button. In the future, you can access any downloaded videos from the Download List by selecting it from the dropdown menu when you click the three dots menu at the top.

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