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How to set up appointments in Instagram

Instagram, a social networking site owned by Meta, recognized the necessity for companies to continually seek out novel methods to interact with their customers and streamline their operations. Instagram was founded on the idea that businesses could do both of these things. Appointments on Instagram is a new tool that Instagram has introduced as a direct response to this demand. With this function, businesses are able to effortlessly book and manage customer appointments without ever having to leave the Instagram app.

This free addition has several potential benefits for your business and its consumers, including higher levels of customer engagement, easier booking processes, and higher productivity overall. If you run a salon, are a fitness trainer, or are a consultant who wants to take use of Instagram’s potential for arranging appointments, you have come to the right place.

Detailed instructions for setting up appointments in the Instagram app you use are provided below. Your Instagram account must be configured as a business account before you can start using the Appointments function.

1. Open Instagram and Go to Inbox Section:

To make an appointment, simply navigate to your Instagram business inbox and choose the best-suited conversation.

2. Click the “Appointments” tab:

Tap the + icon that is placed in the bottom right corner of your screen within the message thread that you have chosen to read.

3. Select an appointment date:

Make your selection by going through the list of available options and select “Appointments.”

4. Schedule the appointment:

Select a day, select the option to “Schedule appointment,” input the Title and day/Time, and then optionally add customer contact details. Finally, select the option to “Schedule appointment” to share the information in the conversation thread.

The Advantages of Scheduling Appointments on Instagram:

  • Because all of the tools for messaging and scheduling appointments are integrated within Instagram itself, there is no need to use any external booking services.
  • Maintain communication with customers, take steps to cut down on no-shows, and increase the number of repeat appointments.
  • Offer your consumers an easy and seamless booking experience on Instagram so they don’t have to switch applications.
  • For Instagram business accounts, it is completely free.


Keeping track of your appointments has never been simpler than it is with Instagram’s new Appointments feature. All of this can be accomplished without leaving the Instagram app: maintain order, interact with your clients, and deliver a smooth booking experience.

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