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Jio Bharat B1 4G Feature Phone Review – Amazing Offer

Jio Bharat B1 4G: A 4G-enabled feature phone known as the Jio Bharat B1 4G has been made available by the telecom giant Jio. One of the new phones under this line of phones was launched by the Jio Bharat series in July. It is the third phone in the chain of all. Customers can make orders for the new smartphone on Jio’s official web page. JioBharat B1 4G comes with a numeric button, an alphanumeric button, a 2.4-inch display, a battery power of 2000 mAh, and many more. The breakdown of this cost is below.

Jio Bharat B1 4G Specifications:

Jio Bharat is a 4G-enabled feature phone offered by Jio. Design-wise, it looks like a matte or glossy finish with the Jio logo on the back panel. The phone has 23 languages, an alphanumeric keyboard, and a 2.4-inch screen display.

It provides compatibility with JioPay, which makes it easy to use UPI by paying through the device. Other aspects are the FM radio, the Jio Cinema application, as well as the application for Jio Saavn, which is a music streaming service.

Data Packs for the Jio Bharat B1 4G Network:

Moreover, the firm has come up with some unique data packs meant for the Bharat B1 4G feature phone. It has provided two different plans for the phone: the first is the Rs. 123 plan, which offers unlimited calls and 14 GB of data validity for 28 days, and the second is the Rs. 1234 plan, which is the annual plan with unlimited talking and 168 GB of data.

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Pricing details for the Jio Bharat B1 4G:

At present, Jio is offering the Jio Bharat B1 4G for Rs. 1299. It presents itself in black and is limited with regard to options for only a single colour. Interested buyers can purchase the feature phone from both the official website of Jio and the e-commerce website of Amazon.

The Jio Bharat B1 features a 2.4-inch rectangular QVGA display. It uses only 0.05 GB of threadX rtos. It supports 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connections and has one nano SIM card inside the phone.

Jio Bharat B1 4G Feature Phone Review
Jio Bharat B1 4G Feature Phone Review

It states on the Jio website that the ones who use the Jio phones should strictly use Jio’s network for the operation since those phones cannot work with other kinds of networks and SIM cards. This is also worth mentioning. Currently, there is only one colour that you can buy in the JioBharat B1 model, and that is black.

A microSD card of up to 128 GB is able to enhance the capacity of the phone; there is a 4G option. Also, this device comprises a powerful 2,000 mAh battery claimed to have a standby performance of approximately 343 hrs. Also, it is not yet clear about the back camera unit of the Jio Bharat B1. It is 110 grammes and comes with dimensions of 125mm x 52mm x 51mm ,as well as a 3.5mm headphone socket.

The Jio Bharat B1 has many useful apps that have been installed in its internal memory. Customers are able to enjoy many different types of movies, TV shows, and music through sites like JioSaavn and JioCinema. JioPay simplifies electronic payment processes for its customers. Google Assistant can set alarms, make calls, and send text messages.

Payment options for Jio Bharat B1 4G:

JioPay is integrated into the feature phone, allowing customers to conduct payment transactions under UPI. It is this ability that turns the phone into a useful tool for many types of transactional operations, including online payments of any sort.

Uniquely, there is a Jio Bharat designed for cheap mobiles. It provides such internet-enabled facilities using the features of a device as well as the capabilities of a network. Also, several other mobile phone companies, like Karbonn, are preparing to adopt Jio Bharat for the manufacturing of Jio Bharat mobiles.

Camera Features of the Jio Bharat B1 4G:

This phone, however, has a secondary function that involves taking snapshots, even though it is primarily meant for communication. While not expecting high photographic competency, it can still cater to the image necessities at a basic level.

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By manufacturing the Jio Bharat B1 4G feature phones, Jio has proven that it recognises Indian customers’ needs for affordable products that have many features. It supports numerous consumer tastes, including long battery duration, multi-lingual capacity, and inbuilt apps for recreation.

Though this smartphone is not a top-notch phone, it remains one of the best available options for people wishing to buy an affordable communication device with extra features. The Jio Bharat B1 could be a potential choice for users’ seeking a budget 4G phone with basic features like essential features and applications. It is a good alternative for those who do not know how to operate phones and also for extra phones.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to find Jio Bharat B1 now at the market?
You can buy the Jio Bharat B1 4G feature phone from the official Jio website as well as Amazon.

Can different languages work on the Jio Bharat B1?
Yes, it supports 23 languages, and there are many Indian languages from various regions.

How about the battery standby times of the Jio Bharat B1 4G feature phone while on its own without use?
The Jio Bharat B1 can be on standby for approximately 343 hours.

Can you have double SIM cards in the Jio Bharat B1?
No, it can only accommodate a single nano SIM card.

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