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How to Take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9

Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9: Your Samsung Galaxy S9 has never made capturing and sharing moments from your Samsung Galaxy S9 easier! Whether you want to save a funny conversation, take a screen shot of a breathtaking view, or save important information for future, know how to make screenshot on your device. In this guide, we will reveal the secrets of creating incredible screen shots easily. 

Introduction: How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and its significance

Those worried about the difficulty of getting screenshots on the Galaxy S9 need not worry. Samsung provides alternate methods of screen capture in addition to the standard way of pressing the power and volume keys simultaneously.

In the present day we are always communicating through the social media or the messaging apps information and content to others. There are times we see something interesting or some great memes that we want to store for later or share with other people. This allows us to snap a photograph of our screen at any given instance.

What is useful is to know how to screenshot, but why for Samsung Galaxy S9? 

1. Sharing Important Information:  You may find a website or article that contains information that you would like to keep for yourself or pass on to another person. A screenshot makes it more effective to have the exact same picture as other people instead of taking notes or sending a link that might get lost in a thread. In this manner, you can quickly send it through email or text message clearly indicating which article or webpage you are referring to.

2. Saving Memorable Moments: There are moments like funny conversations with friends or family, inspirational quotes from books we’re reading, and beautiful memories captured on our phone screens.

Understanding the different methods for taking a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best options if you want to capture something on your Samsung. But, the ways to take a screenshot on your device may vary. Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Shots Capturing.

1. Method 1: Using Hardware Buttons (Three finger screenshot Samsung)

Using the hardware buttons, the conventional way of taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9. The method works for all Android devices and is quite easy.

Step 1: Select the screenshot you want (Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9)

Step 2: Press and hold both Power and Volume Down keys concurrently until the screen turns black showing a snapshot being captured.

Step 3: Your captured image will be saved in Screenshots folder within the Gallery.

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2. Method 2: Palm swipe to capture

In the previous Galaxy device, Samsung incorporated several unusual swipes that were used to achieve different purposes. Some of these were the ability to capture a screenshot by simply sliding your palm over the phone’s display.

To enable this function, navigate to Settings, then Advanced features, and turn the Palm swipe to capture option at the bottom of the list.

Thereafter, find the desired content and then sweep your Galaxy S9 with the side of your hand from left to right or vice versa. This is not an ideal system, so it may take more than one round to get it right.

Method 3: Using Bixby screenshot

If you want you can also use Bixby to capture a screenshot. To capture the content, click onto the area where you want to, and then you will have to initiate by pressing the long press on the Bixby button located below the volume button. Alternatively, you will instruct, “Hi Bixby”. The next step will be, to just ask

A helpful hint: Prior to activating Bixby Voice, it has to learn your voice to know that it is you. To turn on voice wake-up, go to the Bixby home screen, select Settings > Voice wake-up.

Method 3: Using Google Assistant screenshot

Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9: Although Samsung has installed its smart voice assistance system named Bixby on the S9, full use of Google Assistant is still possible. Assistant is capable of taking screenshots of the screen.

To capture, just identify the content you want and say “Ok/Hey Google” or press and hold the Home button for a long time to switch on Assistant. From there, you can either say or type “Take a screenshot”. The assistant will handle the rest.


So, I hope this article helps you on how to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

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